Pronunciation podcasts

Our colleague Susan Hillyard in Argentina has shared these podcasts she made with Robin Walker, author of Teaching the Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca (OUP, 2009).

Since I can’t upload MP3 files to WordPress, here are links to download the sound files from MediaFire:

Part 1 (MP3 / Transcript)

Part 2 (MP3 / Transcript)



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2 responses to “Pronunciation podcasts

  1. Sudharani Subramanian

    I really enjoyed the podcasts and I was able to relate so much to it .Coming from India which was colonised by the British for so long Indians use English all the time for daily use as well as for business and education purposes.Teaching ESL for the past seven years in Thailand and being around native speaker teachers of English I have got used to the native way of speaking.Suddenly I am hearing the Indian English all around me,some of which I don’t understand but those using it understand each other perfectly.It seems to be a true case of ELF. Thanks for the great links.

  2. Excellent material!!
    Thank you for sharing it!
    Grace B. from Buenos Aires – Argentina

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