Podcasts with Patrice Baldwin

Here are two podcasts that TESOL-Drama member Susan Hillyard made with Patrice Baldwin, President of National Drama UK and IDEA. Thanks, Susan, for sharing with us! You can download the MP3s from:



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3 responses to “Podcasts with Patrice Baldwin

  1. Philip Marc Trivett

    I have listened to these two Podcasts and found them very interesting and insightful. I have one of Patrice’s books ‘ Drama In Mind’ and I am thrilled to own it as it is so practical and informative.
    It is unfortunate that I live in England and I am very sorry to have to confirm that what Patrice says about Drama in English schools is true but I hope that some of the ideas She has to get Drama taken seriously by our Government will come through!

  2. Susan Hillyard

    I’m sure Patrice will lobby and now she is also President of IDEA she may have more clout. Let’s hope so!
    Susan H

  3. Susan Hillyard

    Dear All,
    Please join us on the Creativity YL SIG at IATEFL 2011
    It’s free and as a remote participant you will have access to lots of sessions on-line and all the moderated discussion groups. Let TESOL join forces with IATEFL!
    Susan H

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