Ideas for EVO 2012!

As our 2011 Electronic Village Online workshop comes to an end, let’s start planning for 2012! What topics would you like to see us cover? What do you think about assessment in drama? Would you like to help moderate? Please leave a comment here!



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6 responses to “Ideas for EVO 2012!

  1. Susan Hillyard

    I think it’s a very complicated area and one worth looking at.
    I would be happy to moderate one week.
    Susan H

  2. Silvia

    I´d love to deal with assessment. Moderate? Why not? Could be a possibility.

  3. Thamir Rashid Shayyal Az-Zubaidy

    Thanks for all the good time that I spent and enjoyed being a memeber in this session. Regarding next year, I wish to participate and that the subject or topic would be writing senarios or how to write a suitable senario for a lesson and that lesson would be a senario for a thing that you will teach . It is sth like a lesson plan, but in drama.

    A plea: Are we going to have a certificate? If yes, Can I have my full name on it which is :
    Thamir Rashid Shayyal Az-Zubaidy

  4. Marion Belcher

    I just wonder if the information we collect on assessment during the course of the next year needs to be moderated at this point. I may be unrealistic, but I imagined people would post ideas, possibilities, etc. and, as we approached the start of the 2012 session, we would cull from these. Too sloppy?? Will we be overwhelmed with options?

  5. Marion Belcher

    From last year, we were given a website for Trinity College’s syllabus and Criteria for Evaluation. It is:
    Could this be a starting point to take a look – it is somewhat daunting and see what you can pull from it that could be used or adapted. If we could just begin to identify succinctly what are it is that we learn….the skills of process drama that are valuable to education (and would be recognized as such in non-drama schools).

  6. Marion Belcher

    Let me throw this into the mix also:
    The Common Core State Standards

    One of the current theories.
    Those who go to the TESOL convention will be hearing about all sorts of standards….please report back.

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