TESOL-Drama is an e-group for members of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), a global education organization. We are associated with TESOL’s Speech/Pronunciation/Listening Interest Section (SPLIS). To join TESOL-Drama, please follow these steps.

TESOL-Drama was founded in 2003 to provide a forum for teachers of English and other languages to share ideas and techniques for teaching language through drama. Since then, the group has met virtually through TESOL’s Electronic Village Online workshops and in person at workshops and pre-convention institutes at the annual TESOL convention.

This website and our EVO workshops are open to everyone (including non-members of TESOL). Please explore, leave comments and suggestions, and join our community!

The TESOL-Drama Team

Gary Carkin trained as an actor/director and, having spent more than half his career in the professional theatre, is now full Professor of TESOL at the Institute for Language Education, Southern New Hampshire University, where he teaches in the graduate TEFL program, trains teachers internationally, and gives workshops related to teaching English through drama regionally, nationally, and internationally. He is director of all Institute drama productions and is chair-elect of SPLIS, the Speech, Listening, and Speaking Interest Section of TESOL. Gary is co-founder, with Nigel Caplan, of TESOL-Drama.

Nigel Caplan is an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware English Language Institute. As co-founder of TESOL-Drama, he has been moderating EVO sessions on drama since 2004. Nigel is also a materials developer, and his latest books include Step Up to the TOEFL iBT (University of Michigan Press) and Q: Skills for Success, Reading/Writing Book 5 (Oxford University Press, summer 2011). Nigel blogs at http://nigelteacher.wordpress.com.

Holly Dilatush Presently I’m a consultant and facilitator for online adult ESOL with EnglishCafe. I also privately tutor.  Current dream-scheming passions include successfully launching a hybrid/blended ESOL through Drama course locally, learning more about WordPress and improving my skills therewith, securing more work that includes traveling abroad (and meshes hybrid/blended learning), making time to write more poetry, improving my own proficiency in Korean and French (and/or other languages, but actively pursuing my own language learning), and documenting/encouraging metacognitive skills development for learners (including reflective practice for educators).

Fernanda Molla is a graduate from INSP Lenguas Vivas, Argentina. She has trained as an actress, specialized in the use of drama techniques for the teaching of English and studied a post graduate course on Pedagogía Teatral (Educational Drama) at UDD university (CHILE) She has worked as a drama teacher for more than 15 years in Argentina, Chile and Mexico. During the last eight years she has devoted herself to the training of teachers to use drama techniques to activate their classes and has delivered several workshops on Educational DRAMA.
This is her fourth year as co-moderator for the EVO drama.

Susan Hillyard I’m a British trained educational dramatist ( B.Ed (Hons))with a degree in Dramatic Arts and a specialism in the Sociology of Education. I’ve lived and worked in 5 countries as a teacher, using process drama as education and drama for ELT. I’ve worked in 15 additional  countries, promoting the use of Drama for ELT, for both Teachers and Students and at all levels from KG to Advanced. I’m interested in motivation, intercultural communication, peace education and lifelong learning. At  present I’m based in Argentina, working for the Ministry of Eduction in the City of Buenos Aires, training 20 teachers to teach English through Drama in Special Education  for inclusion. I continue to travel all over the world spreading the word  about Drama as a valuable tool for empowerment and am working with Trinity College to promote the Performing Arts in the classroom as a right for all.

Shin-Mei Kao, with a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University, is associate professor at the Foreign Languages and Literature Department, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.  She has been teaching English to Chinese students of various age groups and proficiency levels since 1992.  She is interested in the interactional patterns between the teachers and students when various drama techniques are used in the EFL setting.  She co-authored, with Cecily O’Neil, Words into worlds: Learning a second language through process drama.


2 responses to “About

  1. Antonia Simone

    Ii have tried to join your EVO workshop on Yahoo, but after a week it is still pending. Csn you please let me know if it is still possible to join this group?

    • jimin lim

      hi~ my name is jimin kim.
      im a teaching artist in south Korea.
      i wanna join tesol drama workshop.
      how can i join?
      when do you have workshop in 2013.

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