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About Nigel Caplan

Nigel Caplan, Ph.D., is an associate professor of ESL and materials developer in Delaware, in the United States.

EVO2011 Syllabus

EVO 2011: Re-Playing Process Drama

The 2011 TESOL-Drama/EVO_Drama online workshop will allow participants to experience the work of Process Drama within a new framework, one especially designed for NEWCOMERS to drama and especially to Process Drama.

TESOL-Drama began looking at process drama in the 2010 workshop. This year, we will approach process drama from the more practical perspective of process drama activities and conventions, and then move to the discussion of how these may be utilized within different contexts.

The workshop will thoroughly examine the techniques and strategies used in forming a process drama, explaining what they are and how they may be implemented, in what contexts they might be used, and through what roles the emerging drama might best be expressed.  We will call upon workshop participants to contribute examples of techniques and strategies that they have found successful and the contexts to which they were applied.

Finally, we will solicit examples of lesson plans that illustrate the use of the strategies in an ongoing fashion and how they were, or could be, utilized to fashion a complete process drama.

Target Audience: All ESOL teachers

Sponsors: SPLIS and TESOL-Drama


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Process Drama Lesson Videos

As part of a graduate level class held in July 2009, EFL 530 (Teaching English Through Drama), at Southern New Hampshire University, student/instructors collaboratively planned and implemented a lesson using Process Drama. The instructors were working towards a master’s in TESL. The participants in the lesson were ESL students at SNHU.


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Read about Reader’s Theater

Check out TESOL’s recent publication, Authenticity in the Language Classroom and Beyond: Adult Learners for our chapter: “Readers’ Theater: Turbo-Charged Language Acquisition”, written by TESOL-Drama members, Gary Carkin, Sarah Dodson-Knight, Alexis Gerard Finger, Silvia Rodriguez Spence, Nigel A. Caplan, and Judy Trupin.

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