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About susanh I'm a trained Educational Dramatist and Sociologist ( Warwick Uni,UK). Have lived and worked in 5 different countries and have work experience in 12 more. My interests lie in Drama for ELT, teaching Global issues in ELT and CLIL. Am based in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I am currently heading a new project at the Ministry of Ed. training 20 teachers to teach English through Drama in Special Education.....teaching in hospital schools, transplant units, shanty town schools, orphanages and special schools throughout the city of Bs As. We have completed our first year and we are moving ahead for 2011.I am particularly interested in creativity and changing paradigms in education worldwide.

Teaching English through Drama

Dear All,

I have developed an on-line course for teachers of English who want to SPICE up their classes with Drama but don’t know HOW! The course is very exciting with 6 LIVE webinars, readings, videos and discussion groups for sharing and caring.

Last year I trained 62 teachers from 14 countries and they shared experiences in a superb intercultural exchange of ideas. I cover some theory and include lots of practice through introducing strategies for good breathing, voice control, pronunciation, mime, body language, games, improv and role play.

I have made it short and accessible in order to reach out to teachers all over the world who may not have much spare cash, time or energy at the end of a working day! You can see the details here:

or on SHELTA FB Page here:





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