On this page, we will collect our recommendations for further reading, including books about using drama in language teaching, collections of plays suitable for ESL, and academic papers in the field. We welcome your suggestions, too. Please leave a comment below, and don’t be shy to promote your own publications!

* = TESOL-Drama member

Drama in ESL/EFL Teaching Guides

  • Alan Maley & Alan Duff, Drama Techniques in Language Learning. 3rd edition. Cambridge,
  • Alex Finger*, The Magic of Drama. Full Blast Productions, 2000. (Amazon)
  • Ann Burke & Julie O’Sullivan*, Stage by Stage. Heinemann, 2002.
  • Carkin, Gary*, Sarah Dodson-Knight*, Alexis Gerard Finger*, Silvia Spence*, Nigel A. Caplan*, and Judy Trupin*. “Readers’ Theater: Turbo-Charged Language Acquisition.” Authenticity in Adult Classrooms and Beyond. Ed. Sarah Rilling and Maria Dantas-Whitney. Alexandria, VA: TESOL, 2009.

Plays and Scripts

  • Gary Carkin*, Ten Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom and Ten More Plays for the ESL/EFL Classroom. Carlisle Publications. [includes teaching and discussion notes]
  • Paul Fleishmann, I am a Phoenix (1989) and Joyful Noise (1992). Harper Collins. [poems for two voices: very adaptable for the stage]

General Drama/Theater Books

  • Viola Spolin, Improvisation for the Theater, 3rd ed. Northwestern University Press, 1999.

Longer Bibliographies


One response to “Bibliographies

  1. Marion Belcher

    The Family of Man is a collection of 503 photographs from 68 countries that was created by Edward Steichen for the Museum of Modern Art in 1955. A useful and inspiring teaching tool as well as a great work of art.

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